About Us

Donoghue Forlines is a Boston-based tactical investment firm that has specialized in active risk-managed portfolios since 1986. In December 2017, W.E. Donoghue acquired JAForlines Global (JFG), an investment management company specializing in risk-managed global tactical strategies. The acquisition resulted in a unique firm in the investment management space.

Over the years together, we have evolved a compelling product lineup by combining fundamental, top-down research strategies along with rules-based disciplines.

We believe there is a time to be invested in the market to achieve upside potential and growth.

We also believe in de-risking when the market is in a period of decline.
“Set it and forget it” investing does not live here.

Donoghue Forlines offers a full suite of proactive strategies to help advisors and their clients de-risk when market circumstances warrant it, which enables the client to stay disciplined to meet their investment objectives.

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